December is a time of year that we often worry about material things, like buying gifts, and get caught up on the “wants” instead of the “needs.” This holiday season, we ask that you consider donating life-saving cancer screenings to women across Louisiana who urgently need them.

Louisiana has the 2nd highest breast cancer death rate and the 5th highest cervical death rate in the country. Both breast and cervical cancer can be prevented or detected early and cured, so why are so many women dying?

Women in Louisiana are not getting screened as often as they should.

By donating to the Louisiana Breast & Cervical Health Program (LBCHP), you are providing low-income, uninsured and underinsured women in Louisiana lifesaving screenings that they desperately need. When found early, breast and cervical cancer treatment costs less and the survival rate reaches nearly 100%.

Wondering how many women you can help with your donation? On average, an LBCHP patient screening only costs $180 – you do the math! To make a donation to LBCHP and help women in Louisiana please click here.

For more information about our breast & cervical health program visit, or if you know of someone who may not be able to pay for a screening, give us a call at 1-888-599-1073.

AuthorJoseph Gautier